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Our programs are researched-based and have been proven to be increase test scores. These programs are designed to cater to each child’s individual needs.

Once we identify the specific learning skills that the child has not mastered, we will tailor the program of study to meet the child’s academic needs. Children are able to work at their own pace and master the material before moving on to new concepts. This allows every child to spend more time where needed. Children are able to work through the material at their own level of achievement.

This structured learning process is meant to supplement and reinforce what is taught in school. "A+" ABILITY PLUS’ goal is to establish a partnership with school administrators, teachers and parents to ensure a positive impact upon each child. Ultimately, making a significant difference in schools and the communities we serve.

SES Providers since 2004

• Approved in several states including: Arkansas, Florida, New York, Ohio and Virginia.

• A leading tutoring service in most of our Districts served.

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Why Choose "A+" ABILITY PLUS?

• The NEED of each child is top priority, treating each child as if they were our own.

• Identify each child’s specific academic NEED.

• Develop INDIVIDUALIZED program for each child.

• Convenient Tutoring Services for Every Family! We tutor at the school campus or nearby location. We also tutor in-home.

• Customized Individual Instruction for each child, within Small-groups (only 5 students or less per tutor) or On-to-one tutoring.

• We are an experienced Supplemental Educational Service Provider offering READING/LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, and TEST PREP.

• We provide high quality instructional materials that are Research-based programs and are in alignment with State Standards and Benchmarks.

• We cater to children with SPECIAL NEEDS Learning Disabilities (ESE) and Language Barriers (ESL/ESOL).

• Student progress reports are provided for parents.

• Motivational Awards based on EFFORT and ATTENDANCE.

Certified Instructors

95% of our instructors are certified and many have advanced degrees.

ESE and ESOL certified instructors.

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65% Increase in skill level upon completion of tutoring

• Average Reading increase 64%

• Average Math increase 66%

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1 - 800 - 778 - 0369

E-mail: Parents@abilityplus.net